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Industry dynamics
  • Why is the elevator installation difficult in the old community? Public policy must be "exactly precise"

    Recently, residents in a residential area in Beijing wanted to install an elevator. However, because the owner of the first floor asked for a “signature fee” of 1 million yuan, it was difficult for the owners to reach a consensus and the project did not progress.    The cost of a civilian ordinary elevator is only a few hundred thousand yuan. If you find a word on the first floor, you have to ask for a million yuan. There are indeed some "lions open". After the problem of adding elevators in the old community was written into the government work report for two consecutive years, many cities have introduced policies for encouragement and guidance. However, due to the inconsistent opinions between the high-rise households and the low-rise households, the inconsistent interests and the difficulty of coordination, there are not many real and smooth elevators. Although it is an extreme case to ask for the "signature fee" for the sky-high price, it is not uncommon for the individual owners to object to the suspension of the project.

  • 118 bus type escalators: Hitachi elevator won the bid for Jinan Rail Transit R2

    On March 19th, Hitachi Elevator won the bid for the first phase escalator project of Jinan Rail Transit R2 Line, providing 118 public transportation escalators for the project, which will help the development of Jincheng Rail Transit in Quancheng.

  • Otis elevator introduction

    Otis elevator quality is very good, in the high-end products, Otis elevator quality is the leading position

  • Otis Elevator

    In terms of commercial buildings, Otis Elevator has established cooperation with many well-known commercial groups such as Yintai, IKEA, Wushang Group and Suning, and continues to provide reliable services.

  • Otis Elevator (China) Co., Ltd. upgrades the elevator manufacturing license to 10 m / s

    The project started from the end of 2016. During the cooperation with the team of Osteda Base, Shanghai Otis Express R&D and Design Team and the company's quality standards team, it has gone through hardships and painstaking efforts to overcome difficulties and lasted for one and a half years. The speed of the company's passenger elevator qualification was increased from the original 7 m / s to 10 m / s.