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Company news
  • Congratulations to Qianhai Lingyun on the old elevator renewal and renovation project

    Congratulations to Qianhai Lingyun on winning the 5th building and 6 old elevator renovation projects of Pengyi Garden in Futian District, Shenzhen. At that time, our company will completely dismantle the old elevators and install the new American original Otis second generation Gen2 series composite steel belt passengers. elevator. Thanks to the owners for their recognition and trust! We will live up to expectations! A directed owner delivers a high quality comfortable elevator for everyone to use!

  • Don't forget to move forward丨Otis Global President congratulates Otis China New Terrace National Sales and Partnership Conference on its opening

    Mr. Zheng Peiming, President of Otis China, Mr. Lu Moyi, President of Otis Elevator (China) Investment Co., Ltd. and Mr. Chen Yu, Vice President of Otis China New Elevator Operations, attended the conference together with Otis China New Elevator Sales Team and partners. Mr. Dai Peijie, global president of Otis, also delivered a speech via video. He thanked Otis China New Elevator Sales Team and partners for their tireless efforts, and once again expressed his concern for the Chinese market and his expectations for better results in 2018.