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See how Otis Elevator helps cities build future buildings
Date:2019-09-16    Source:http://www.lehy.com.cn/

In 2040, 90% of households will have intelligent speech recognition systems, and using sound and fingerprints to control household appliances seems to be no longer a new thing;
  In 2040, the office will become more personalized and adaptable, and more concerned about the physical and mental health of employees.
  Otis SkyBuildTM building construction elevator Otis SkyBuildTM construction elevator
  The SkyBuildTM building construction elevator uses a unique technology that allows the building to be upgraded layer by layer, bidding farewell to the slow external lift. After meeting the on-site construction requirements, the unneeded components can be removed and converted into passenger elevators.
  The application principle of SkyBuild is like a tracked vehicle, which can climb up the floor in the building. It has different platforms, two of which are fixed by the traction equipment and the building floor. The pistons of other platforms fix the upper platform and the building through the upward thrust, and the platform of the next layer is unfixed with the building, push-pull The piston lifts the lower platform up so that one floor can be raised.
  SkyBuild delivers materials and workers to designated locations faster than traditional equipment, greatly improving overall logistics efficiency and safety on the construction site.
Looking at the world, the population is gradually moving to the city. As the urban population increases, the height of the building continues to refresh and the city skyline is undergoing tremendous changes. As the model of future architecture, Bishop Gate 22 is the perfect blend of modernity and the future. Otis is also constantly exploring breakthroughs in the process of development, and empowering the future buildings with advanced technology and excellent service!

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